Back Story

I gathered myself off the road and pick up the bicycle I had borrowed from my roommate. I remember being worried that it might be damaged but thinking it was okay even if I couldn’t make it move by pushing it. The car bumper had hit my hip and bent the bike. Realizing that I had dropped my take-home Arby’s cup, I turned to fetch it but decided better when I saw the cars flattening it beneath their speeding wheels.


Ghostbusters (2016): A Superfan’s Perspective

For years they talked about a third movie, and for years I was in Bill Murray’s camp. “We made a good one. We made a bad one. Why make anther one?” And when Bill callously said he was concerned that “some of the people involved” had lost their taste, siting Harold Ramis’s “Year One,” I cringed for their unresolved personal relationship but was right there with him.