The Chronicles of ‘Peaking’ II: Grinding Down

Like a lot of people struggling to survive, I started working as a teen. Aside from a brief couple of months searching for gainful employment after college when I made a few short films, a stint on unemployment when I released my second album, and a two-month medical leave after my back surgery when I wrote my first novel, I’ve been working nonstop.

I Left a Cult (And So Can You!)

“I feel like I came out of a cult.”

I remember the first time I said that it was meant to be a joke. But there’s a reason a therapist spends most of their time encouraging their patient to talk. Sometimes when you’re groping for a way to explain how you feel about something, you stumble upon a breakthrough moment, changing the way you see the world around you.


Why are male friendships so difficult?

When I was a very young man, I bought the lie that men and women couldn’t be friends. In reality, I was being immature. Since that time, I’ve found friendships with women tend to be meaningful and stand the test of time. Meanwhile, the companionship I have felt with other men has proven to be wrought with strife.