Losing It: The Weight Loss Journey of a Self-Proclaimed Fat Guy

I used to be a skinny mother@#$%er, but I was never in shape. You could see my rib cage when I’d inhale, and on the days when we ran the mile in high school, you could see it a lot as I’d lay on the ground and gasp for air praying for a quick and merciful end to my misery. I just had one of those metabolisms where I could eat anyone under the table at any all-you-can-eat joint, and while I never played a team sport, I got a lot of training. One of my fondest memories as a kid was spending time at Panda, a Chinese buffet that was a part of a hotel in Jacksonville Beach not far from our church. We went every Sunday, but we weren’t zealots. On non-holy days, we’d hit up other smorgasbords.


Why are male friendships so difficult?

When I was a very young man, I bought the lie that men and women couldn’t be friends. In reality, I was being immature. Since that time, I’ve found friendships with women tend to be meaningful and stand the test of time. Meanwhile, the companionship I have felt with other men has proven to be wrought with strife.

well, this got out of hand – A Birthday Greeting for My Nephew

Almost thirteen years ago, a baby boy entered our lives. He was bright and beautiful, a bit traumatized by abandonment and ready for his forever family. There is a lot of trepidation when a person takes on the incredible role of parent for the first time, and while we hoped and prayed my sister was ready for the commitment, we also worried this boy might have a hard time fitting in and loving us.