Deck the Halls: An Excerpt from my upcoming novel

The following is an excerpt from my debut novel.  A life or death Christmas Carol, “Home Street” tells the story of a man who must journey through his past in order to save his future.  He must relive his rocky childhood, the dreams of his youth, and conflicts he faced during the Iraq War before he can accept an incredible gift: the opportunity to change one crucial moment that will spare him from certain death.

This chapter sets the scene for his teenage years, when Paul discovered love, heartbreak, and the kind of man he wanted to be when he grew up.


Prologue for “Home Street” – A Preorder Update

As a boy, he had never been able to open his eyes while submerged, but somehow he was looking around in the murky, muddy water, shady and blue.  His whole being was telling him if he could not save himself, he would breathe it all in, filling his lungs.  The world would darken around him, and he would sink into the quagmire below.  He would have to act quickly if indeed he wanted to live.

Back Story

I gathered myself off the road and pick up the bicycle I had borrowed from my roommate. I remember being worried that it might be damaged but thinking it was okay even if I couldn’t make it move by pushing it. The car bumper had hit my hip and bent the bike. Realizing that I had dropped my take-home Arby’s cup, I turned to fetch it but decided better when I saw the cars flattening it beneath their speeding wheels.