well, this got out of hand – A Birthday Greeting for My Nephew

Almost thirteen years ago, a baby boy entered our lives. He was bright and beautiful, a bit traumatized by abandonment and ready for his forever family. There is a lot of trepidation when a person takes on the incredible role of parent for the first time, and while we hoped and prayed my sister was ready for the commitment, we also worried this boy might have a hard time fitting in and loving us.

Wicked and Shocking, Indeed

This film made it seem like if only this rather normal man who happened to have this shocking dark side didn’t get caught, he would have been the perfect husband and father. Of course his relationship with Liz was already strained because he cheated on her, disappeared for days, stole things and threatened to “break her fucking neck” if she told anyone, threw her into a river and then gas lighted her to make her seem like she was overreacting, grew bored of her and tried to suffocate her with CO2 gas, and was… well, Ted Bundy!