The Chronicles of “Peaking” IV: Elevator Pitch

So far, I have gone into the inspiration behind the project. There was a nice story about the writing process and even a bit of honest reflection about the state of my mental health returning to my day job amidst the pandemic. This is now the fourth post, and I haven’t really gotten into what this whole thing is about in the first place.

What the hell is “Peaking?”

“Peaking” is a one-hour drama-comedy series that follows a failed playwright who makes inspirational videos about hiking the mountains of California with his girlfriend. His life is not what he imagined it would be, made all the more desperate when he receives a devastating diagnosis of stage four cancer.

That’s it. No zombies or handmaids or superheroes. Just an all-too-human story tens of thousands of people live through every year in America alone. In fact, there’s likely twelve million or so Americans who are alive today who either have or have had a cancer diagnosis.

Of course, if you’re familiar with my novel, The Ruins of Our Pastyou’ll know I don’t just tell a straight-forward story. If I do my job right, this will be an inventive, entertaining, and colorful tale that will take you on an unpredictable journey. It is meant to be inspirational, life-affirming, and to communicate something larger about the human condition.

In future blog posts, I will go into the characters, dig deeper into influences and sources of inspiration, and continue to chronicle the process of getting this thing turned into a show. I pray there is a pathway to my dreams and that I am wise enough to find and follow it, and I hope by asking you to come along, I can somehow guide you to telling your own story.

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