Incredible Too

I took a trip up the West Coast earlier this year, stopping off at all the places I could that were culturally relevant.  The first club Green Day played in Oakland, the building at Cal Poly where Weird Al worked on the student radio station and recorded “Another One Rides the Bus,” the garage where Steve Jobs changed the world, the building where The People’s Temple used to be that is now a post office, the Hearst Castle, the Winchester House.  One place we had to see was Pixar’s headquarters.

Pointless Action?

Even as a bit of a film snob, I have guilty pleasures, and if the aggregate stats are any indication, a lot of film critics have a mushy soft spot in their head for the Jackass films.  The second and third are both mid-sixties on Rotten Tomatoes, and if either they – or their .5 upgrades – are playing on late night TV, I find myself sticking around for the lunacy.