To Exclusive Or Not To Exclusive; Sony and Nintendo

sony nintendo

Perhaps it’s because I just streamed both Sony and Nintendo in a row that the contrast is so apparant.  I meant to blog separately about each, but my thoughts are thematically appropriate for a single entry.  Whereas more than three quarters of Sony’s briefing was a showcase for cross-platform titles, Nintendo was basically one hundred percent games that are all their own.

Instead of focusing on expriences only available on the Playstation 4, Sony’s strategy was to give the anticipated giants a reason to be played first on their system, whether by early access to the game, features, or a beta.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s digital presentation showed off the mind of games they are best known for.  Ones involving their proprietary IPs.  Mario, Link, Samus, Starfox, and the Animal Crossing anthropomorphics.  They canvased their popular Amiibos and trickled in games from the handheld, a market that Microsoft and Sony have basically given to phones and tablets.

There were parts of Nintendo’s conference that were so niche and so unique to the Japanese company that they they didn’t even bother to have them dubbed or translated into English.  This is a common thing for Nintendo, and while I respect that they happily march to their own drum, I also find these portions of their message alienating.  Still, I am very excited about their upcoming work, especially Mario Maker.

While breaking some big news (like the remake of Final Fantasy 7), Sony only showed three big games that will only be available on the PS4.  Horizon, Last Guardian, and Uncharted 4.  It should be noted that all of these games look great, but the majority of the ninety minutes could have been the sequel to Microsoft’s ninety.

Overall, whatever your preference of system, the message is clear: The games are coming, exclusive or no.


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