Did Bethesda Kick Off E3 Or Win It?

Despite stated intentions, Bethesda may just very well have set the world on fire with their presentation, which was held at the Dolby Theater and was streamed for all last night.

The new installment of the seminal video game museum inductee, Doom, showed great promise with its stunning selection of weaponry, melee attacks, finishers, and graphic, graphic, graphic violence.  A sequel to 2012 Game of the Year winner, Dishonored, revealed a new protagonist option from the fairer sex, and we were given a look at the upcoming events for newly launched MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online.  However, it was clear that the excitement in the room, which was also palpable in my own living room, was surrounding a game that takes on the premise that war never changes.

Since the mid 1990s, a time dominated by Final Fantasy 7 and Half-Life, the Fallout series has been at the top of my list for favorite franchises.  The horror, humor, and detail of the wasteland has drawn me in with characters and stories I could feel I could own.  From the first installment, there were elements of the game I couldn’t believe could exist in an interactive experience, and when the third came out seven years ago, I was again blown away.

Even as a devoted fan, I had a wishlist of things I wanted to see in the fourth game.  I had already played three and New Vegas, had siphoned years into those titles, and I needed to be shown that this Boston excursion would be fresh, inventive, and emotionally compelling enough to justify investing even more of my life into it.  Afterall, it was the wonder that came with exploring these strange new worlds that made me fall in love with the series, and if I couldn’t get that again, it wouldn’t be Fallout to me.  It’s the same reason I could never get into Tactics or the truly awful Brotherhood of Steel.

With in depth weapon and armor customization, house and town building tools, a story grounded in pre-war era life, a totally new feel to the world and characters, and even a real world Pip Boy I can use to further my game, my checklist was crossed off, exceeded, and set ablaze.  With Fallout 4, will have a virtual world that I’ve helped build with the developers that will be worth fighting for.  And I will only have to wait until November 10th to do it.

vault boy


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