Wedding Plans

Of course, tomorrow is Chalkskin Comes Home, a huge day for me.  But I originally planned to come out to Columbus, Ohio to go to two weddings.  One for my college buddy, Carl Gannon, which I was in, and one for my high school pal, Shawn Page.  But this whole trip has been about weddings in a way.  I can’t escape it.  All of my friends and family keep asking me when I’m going to pop the question to Stella (even a Navajo man we bought a dream catcher from on Route 66 asked seven times!), and it’s all over television, being June and all.

Well, it got Stella and I thinking, and we decided that in the event of a wedding ceremony, these are our choices for the traditional line-up.


Bride walks down the aisle: “I Will Do Anything for Love” -Meatloaf

Biblical passage: II Kings 2:23-24

Poetry reading from family member: “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” -Maya Angelou

Bride would have vows read by: James Earl Jones as Darth Vader

Groom would have vows read by: Christopher Walken as Christopher Walken

Bride and groom walk back down the aisle: “Hit the Road, Jack” -Ray Charles

First Dance: “Closer” -NIN

Mother/Son Dance: “My Mom” -Eminem

Father/Daughter Dance: “Story of Isaac” -Leonard Cohen

What disturbing entry would make your list?

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