How to Make Your Year Happier

I know how to make 2013 a very happy year:  Bill Murray!


January (New Years) – Quick Change

January (International Bowling Championship) – Kingpin

February (Groundhog’s Day) – Groundhog’s Day

February (Valentine’s Day) – Broken Flowers

February (President’s Day) – Hyde Park on Hudson

February (Oscars) – Ed Wood

March (Thai Elephant Conservation Day) – Larger than Life

March (March Madness) – Space Jam

April (April Fool’s Day) – The Man Who Knew Too Little

April (National Pet Day) – Garfield

April (Earth Day) – City of Ember

April (William Shakespeare’s birthday) – Hamlet

May (Mental Health Month) – What About Bob?

May (Mother’s Day) – Tootsie

June (World Oceans Day) – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

June (Father’s Day) – The Royal Tenenbaums

June (Father’s Day) – The Darjeeling Limited

June (summer camp) – Meatballs

July (summer camp) – Moonrise Kingdom

July (Independence Day) – Stripes

August (National Golf Month) – Caddyshack

August (National Dog Day) – Mad Dog and Glory

September (back to school) – Rushmore

September (beginning of autumn) – Fantastic Mr. Fox

October (Halloween) – Ghostbusters

October (Halloween) – Little Shop of Horrors

October (Halloween) – Zombieland

November (Japanese Culture Day) – Lost in Translation

November (Veteran’s Day) – The Razor’s Edge

December (Christmas) – Scrooged


And then to fill in those days in between, just select something from this list:

  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Coffee and Cigarettes
  • Get Low
  • Get Smart

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